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Last Night in Twisted River

Posted on 2008 09, 30 by Lilly

Neues von John Irving: 2009 erscheint sein zwölfter Roman mit dem Titel “Last Night in Twisted River”. Da er keine offizielle Homepage hat und das deutsche Wikipedia ziemlich langsam und sparsam mit Informationen ist, habe ich das erst vor kurzem mitbekommen.

Zum Inhalt äußert er sich folgender Maßen:

There are two screenplays, adaptations of “A Son of the Circus” and “The Fourth Hand,” on the back of my desk, but I am focused on my twelfth novel, which is at the three-quarters mark, or thereabouts; I have finished eleven chapters, out of a probable fifteen or sixteen.
Titled “Last Night in Twisted River,” it is a fugitive novel about a cook and his son, who are forced to go on the run—due to events following a logging accident in northern New Hampshire in 1954. The story spans fifty years.
This is not the first first sentence I wrote for the novel, but—after much rewriting—it is probably the first sentence I will keep. “The young Canadian, who could not have been more than fifteen, had hesitated too long.”
Well, that’s it; back to work.

Im gleichen Jahr ein Buch zu veröffentlichen, wie mein großes Idol- das wär’s!